Our ability to respond to the new and different is part of what makes us human. We’re interested in creating more of whatever is outside of that status quo. Generally, this interest serves us well. In an evolutionary context it has likely saved us from extinction several times. At this point in our warp-speed information age, our well-being demands that we understand and control our neophilia lest it control us. We already crunch four times more data — e-mail, tweets, searches, music, video, and traditional media — than we did just thirty years ago, and this deluge shows no signs…

I think AI being so good they can do the production-line type of work for us is a GOOD thing.

It frees us up to be human instead of training ourselves to be better at things that computers are good at: storage, retrieval, sequencing, logic, rule-based inference.

What makes human, human? How can we be the most-human human?

I’m realising lately that I’ve spent most of my adult life training to be a better computer. Learning to code, being logical, critical thinking, systematic, methodical, codifying, formulating, reverse engineering, reductionistic, dismissed emotions as less-valid for decision making.

I think all those are necessary, and I’ve reached a point of diminishing return. Now is a good time for me to focus on learning how to be a better human.

Originally published at Proses.ID.

Living with Limited Mobility

Ladies’ View, Killarney, 2019

Hi, if you want to read the Indonesian version of this post, you can do it here.

So I guess I need to start accepting the fact that people feel inspired by me just existing and doing normal activities….

It always rubs me the wrong way when people say they find me inspiring.

I get approached all the time by strangers, telling me “semangat”. A word of encouragement in Indonesian — roughly translates to “keep up the spirit”.

Or “hebat ya”. i.e. “you’re amazing”.

At the gym people would tell me I am so brave, did not let my limitations…

Reverse Engineering a Good Day

Photo by Marija Zaric on Unsplash

I thought I have cracked the code to having a good day.

I’ve been tracking my time and activities on spreadsheets since Dec 2018. I know the hours I sleep, the things I eat, my mental clarity, my physical fitness, what I consumed that day, what I produced aka achieved that day (non work related), what my work day was like, what supplements I took, what my digestion was like (sorry TMI), and I rated each day on a scale of 1 to 5.

I came to the conclusion that the days with the highest ratings fall into two categories:

What are you learning right now? Top of my list right now is: getting better at asking for help. I’ve personally been struggling with this forever. Asking for help are about communicating your needs — first to yourself and then to others.

Many people seems to struggle with asking for help and I think there are a couple of pieces to this:

  • getting into the mindset that it’s OK to receive help
  • cultivating the habit of asking
  • making a more effective ask

Different people tripped up on different stages. …

Perfect communication is HARD. We can only make it less bad. We can communicate better by fixing one bad practice at a time.

In the first part of this series, we dissected the belly of modern communication and got to know the Pieces. Then in the second part, I looked at how they relate with each other and what Rules we can derive from them. In part three, we mapped out some Steps we can take to ensure we are communicating as efficiently and effectively.

Now that we’ve laid down the groundwork. Let me share a Script with fill-in-the-blanks that…

In the first part of this series, I tried to dissect the belly of modern communication and shared the Whats. Then in the second part, I looked at how they relate with each other and what Rules we can derive from them. Now let’s see what steps we can take to ensure we are communicating as efficiently and effectively. Algorithm!

To refresh our minds, here are the different Pieces:

  1. Forms (Text, Images, Audio, Video)
  2. Types (one-way: Documenting/Broadcasting or two-ways: Conversing)
  3. Modalities (Synchronous vs Asynchronous)
  4. Stages of Data to Wisdom (DIKW framework even though I disagree of the pyramid representation)
  5. Lifecycle

Staying sane and sensible in digital communication

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
courage to change the things I can,
and wisdom to know the difference.

— Reinhold Niebuhr, The Serenity Prayer

I’d like to modify that into….

God, grant me the serenity to mute Slack notifications, courage to reject meetings I didn’t schedule, and wisdom to differentiate: — calls that should be emails, and emails that should be calls — Zoom that should be phone calls, and phone calls that should be Zooms — emails that should be chat, and chats that should be email — chat that should be…

The real unknowns are worth exploring. Circling around in your Arena is intellectual masturbation.

Photo by Lanju Fotografie on Unsplash

One lens I’ve found myself toying with over the past few months is “Just in Time” vs “Just in Case”. Been wanting to share but I haven’t found a good angle or entrypoint to illustrate what this lens is all about and how is it relevant to you. But I’ll try and start somewhere.

Let’s use JIC x JIT as a shorthand.

I’m going to explore a couple of points.

  1. JIC living is driving us crazy.
  2. How to shift more into JIT living.

What is JIC-mode?

The most concrete example that I can use to start explaining this lens is perhaps: your browser…

Don’t manage your time and tasks

Photo by Stefan Cosma on Unsplash

Have you ever observed your energy level throughout the day? Do you see any pattern between days you are most productive and days where you struggle to get things done? How does your productivity impact your mood and how does your mood impact your productivity?

I personally find that the better I sleep, the better my day is.

I think better, eat better, have more energy to exercise, spend less time doomscrolling, am more productive, am less anxious, can focus more easily, and have more stable energy level. …

Theresia Tanzil

This is where I ask questions and talk to myself | Backend web dev, web scraping, Robotics Process Automation | Blogs at http://proses.id

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