Been thinking and reading (again) about the real challenges with trying to solve problems in a group. Thanks to these two tweets, which I stumbled upon, two days apart.

Rabbit hole, here I go.

They say if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to…

The past year or so, I see this term “childfree” gaining traction in the media (local Indonesia, regional, and international) and the collective consciousness (OK, I mean “people and conversations”). Which made my brain notice more and more things related to it.

I’ll share a couple of examples of things…

“If you’re embarassed by your dreams, they’ll never come true.”

Didn’t see that coming. I had to pause, jot it down, and shared it on Twitter.

And as if that in itself didn’t strike a chord, it gets better with the example she then share d.

Apparently the woman…

First let me share 4 links and 1 story.

Was reading this interview with Aly Raisman.

Q: We’ve seen so many turnovers in leadership. Is it possible for USA Gymnastics to change, or will reforming the culture of the sport require a much broader overhaul of the governing body?


Still felt tired after napping for extra 2 hours on top of the 4.5 hours of sleep last night.

Debated if I should let myself sleep more right now (only 7pm) and not worry about writing or feel guilty of not being more productive. Reason is I’ve spent 4h and…

Our ability to respond to the new and different is part of what makes us human. We’re interested in creating more of whatever is outside of that status quo. Generally, this interest serves us well. In an evolutionary context it has likely saved us from extinction several times.
At this…

I think AI being so good they can do the production-line type of work for us is a GOOD thing.

It frees us up to be human instead of training ourselves to be better at things that computers are good at: storage, retrieval, sequencing, logic, rule-based inference.

What makes human, human? How can we be the most-human human?

I’m realising lately that I’ve spent most of my adult life training to be a better computer. Learning to code, being logical, critical thinking, systematic, methodical, codifying, formulating, reverse engineering, reductionistic, dismissed emotions as less-valid for decision making.

I think all those are necessary, and I’ve reached a point of diminishing return. Now is a good time for me to focus on learning how to be a better human.

Originally published at Proses.ID.

Living with Limited Mobility

Ladies’ View, Killarney, 2019

Hi, if you want to read the Indonesian version of this post, you can do it here.

So I guess I need to start accepting the fact that people feel inspired by me just existing and doing normal activities….

It always rubs me the wrong way when people say they…

Reverse Engineering a Good Day

Photo by Marija Zaric on Unsplash

I thought I have cracked the code to having a good day.

I’ve been tracking my time and activities on spreadsheets since Dec 2018. I know the hours I sleep, the things I eat, my mental clarity, my physical fitness, what I consumed that day, what I produced aka achieved…

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