“If you’re embarassed by your dreams, they’ll never come true.” and other surprisingly good stuff on TikTok

Theresia Tanzil
3 min readAug 21, 2021

“If you’re embarassed by your dreams, they’ll never come true.”

Didn’t see that coming. I had to pause, jot it down, and shared it on Twitter.

And as if that in itself didn’t strike a chord, it gets better with the example she then share d.

Apparently the woman, a budding pro volleyball athlete, kept her “dream” of being an Olympian to herself. Then one day another woman in her volleyball circle proclaimed her dreams of being Olympian and the first woman just shrugged / laughed it off as if it’s absurd. Now, that other woman IS going to the Olympics.

Sure, we won’t know if the first woman will end up at the Olympics if she had been more open about what she wants, but it sure didn’t help her get there. I guess the point is to be aware of and challenge your inner dialogue.

Made me reflect. I’m sure there are definitely some stuff I wanted but too shy or afraid of being judged or whatever to openly pursue. Just can’t name any off the top of my head right now.

Reminded me of this classic.

If you say, “I’d love to be a ballerina.” Everybody goes, “Mmm.” If you say I’d love to be a ballerina, but I’m 44 years old. Every mind starts working. Even if people don’t like you, they’ll solve your problem. People want to help. Amazing things will happen to you.
We depend on each other’s dreams coming true. Every time you make someone else’s dream come true, it echoes. No magical New Age way, it echoes in practical, wonderful ways.

One conclusion I have so far 36 years of my life is that the only secret to getting what I want is first to know what I want.

Second is to be honest about it, first to myself before anyone else. To notice and not resist.

And third is to not get distracted. Or, to be honest about it when I do, which either means I don’t really want it that bad in the first place, or I’m in a different place and the original want / goal / “dream” is not relevant anymore.

Anyway, the video is filled with more good stuff. TikTok is not 100% a cesspool, folks. it’s just filled with human. And humans are…. humans.

“I’m not good at skating, I’m below average, but it makes me happy, so I skate. I’m not good at dancing, I’m below average, but it makes me happy, so I dance. If you’re not good at painting, but it makes you happy, paint. You do not have to be good at something to enjoy it. Do whatever makes you happy.”

And the “sleep, just sleep, man”. was, yes.

YouTube started recommending these tiktok compilation videos to me. it started with fun-watching “The Most Insane Rich Person Behavior That You’ve Experienced”

And then “Be Honest, What’s A Sentence That Absolutely Killed You But You Pretended Like It Didn’t?”

And of course, we have these too DISGUSTING Thing You Had To Pretend You Didn’t See | Hot TikTok 2021

OK done on this time-sucking rabbit hole.

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