Is this it?

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What do you want? Do you know how to get there?

Do you know what being wealthy means to you? What makes you feel alive?

Freedom to and freedom from.

Freedom to own your time. Freedom from expectations.

Some degree of control and power over your circumstances.

Spend an evening with your friends, not worrying about traffic to and from.

Not worrying about taking the extra time off from work.

Take your family on a trip and able to afford to make it a convenient trip as possible.

Work on things that make you feel alive. Fulfils you mentally, physically, or spiritually.

Attend your kid’s performance at school. Play with them during the weekdays while still having the energy to do so instead of late night after work. Take them to amusement parks and watch them have fun.

Have sincere conversation over coffee without expectations and transactional motives.

To have beautiful moments in life that remind you to fall in love with life itself. To have gut-wrenching moments that remind you to be humble and let go.

To have energy and mental clarity. Time to recover and recharge. To fuel your body with nourishing food. Enjoy and appreciate how you can move freely, breathe deeply.

To worship what you worship.

To learn and grow. To feel loved, recognised, supported, understood.

To engage in healthy discussions. To entertain flame wars online.

Why do we feel so limited nowadays, living in this amazing era?

Commitments. Responsibilities. Restrictions. Imagined.

Control. We want control. And money provides that to some extent.

We see all these destinations. The ideal. Having these can make you more unhappy. You realise you are not there. You want them all, all the time.

We are confused. We panic thinking we are so lost when perhaps being lost is not necessarily a bad thing.

Run towards that promotion at work. That annual performance review. That trip you’ve been planning and spend daydreaming about for the past 3 months.

Get there, then invent the next thing to run to.

Running away from family issues. From a heartbreak. From unresolved debts.

Yes there is purpose to life. But there is no such thing as the purpose.

You have your own purpose. I have my own purpose. My purpose next year can be different from my purpose today.

Perhaps we all have arrived. Perhaps everything is okay right now as it is.

Originally published at on January 27, 2019.



This is where I ask questions and talk to myself | Backend web dev, web scraping, Robotics Process Automation | Blogs at

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Theresia Tanzil

This is where I ask questions and talk to myself | Backend web dev, web scraping, Robotics Process Automation | Blogs at