What is so wrong about striving for success?

What could go wrong in striving for success?

The problem comes (the issue the original tweet was actually raising) when:

  1. we don’t know or only have a vague idea what that outcome is,
  2. we strive for outcomes other people desire for us (explicit, mostly conscious), or
  3. we strive for outcomes we think we should desire (implicit, mostly unconscious)

First dimension: by time

Think about what:

  • A successful day
  • A successful week
  • A successful month
  • A successful quarter
  • A successful year
  • A successful decade
  • A successful life

Second dimension: by project / context

Any project, goal, or plan you’d like to accomplish or hit?

Third dimension: by role

  • As a friend
  • As a daughter
  • As an employee

Asking is expecting

And expectation is the root of suffering, as well as pleasure. // Although you can be in pain but not suffer.



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Theresia Tanzil

Theresia Tanzil

This is where I ask questions and talk to myself | Backend web dev, web scraping, Robotics Process Automation | Blogs at http://proses.id